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At Cúrsa, we have created a revolutionary algorithm, which fills the career guidance gap and recommends third-level courses to perspective students which are free from peer and parental pressures. Our end goal is everyone in a career where they excel.


Some courses have a 37% dropout rate. Don't be the next statistic.

For a prospective third-level student, deciding what course to choose can be an extremely tough endeavour. College is not just a place of career preparation, but for most an era where they move from adolescent to adult. We aim to help this transition, by ensuring students find courses and colleges that are a perfect fit.

4 Steps 2 Success

Using Cúrsa is simple and takes less than five minutes. We then provide you with a set of course recommendations to put you on the right path to a great career.

01. Personality

We use the scientifically proven Holland Codes test to identify your personality type. This is the same test used by Career Guidance Councillors and Recruitment Agencies around the world.

02. Academics

Using your anticipated Leaving Certificate results as a bench mark. We run an intelligent algorithm that provides course recommendations which will not disappoint next August.

03. Location

Location is a key factor in your academic success, so we ensure it is a key factor in our recommendations. We aim to provide you with a recommendation in your preferred college and County.

04. Result

At Cúrsa, we provide you with an insight into your personality, give you an idea of just how many courses are available to you, suggest careers where you are likely to succeed and provide you with 3 course recommendations.

Why Cúrsa?

As a leaving certificate student lucky enough to be considering third-level education, deciding on a specific course, may be the toughest decision you have faced in your academic life.

At Cúrsa, through validated scientific methods like Holland Codes, and a complex algorithm we aim to simplify your decision process. We will match you to a course based on your individual traits such as capability and personality, and to a specific college based on your desired location of study.

We intend to provide you with three recommendations that will place you on a path to career success and in turn reduce the high percentage of first year dropout rates in Ireland.

Let us put you,
on the right course.



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A big thank you to those who make Cúrsa possible

If you would like to support the Cúrsa project and have your name in lights please contact us.

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